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Recently I have been hearing a lot about a new buzzword in the blogosphere, “curation.” Since the fall of 2010, it’s been trending upwards because it’s something that most bloggers and online content creators are already engaged in, but now we’re sort of giving it a funky, cool name. Digital curation, according to Wikipedia, is [...]

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You hear it all of the time when singers or entertainers are being interviewed the interviewer will ask who the artists loved to listen to while they were learning their craft because those are the people who have had an influence on the artist’s work. As a writer or an entrepreneur you are following in [...]

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As a professional writer and blogger I have been engaged in the practice of content marketing since the launch of this blog in the fall of 2007. At that time, my freelance writing practice was just beginning and I wanted to start getting my work out there as I did not have a lot of [...]