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I have had this blog for over two years, but many of you may not know the story of how I got started. Well, if you’d like to know, be sure to catch my appearance on the fabulous Dr. Flora Brown’s ‘Color Your Life Happy’ radio show tomorrow.

I always say whether you are already a business owner, or you have dreams of starting your own business, your success begins with your mindset. What you believe and what you focus on is what you will receive.

On Flora’s lively show I will share how I was able to let go of my fears and limiting beliefs to build a successful online freelance writing business from home. You will discover how to let go of your own fears so you can begin to operate out of your authentic power.

If you want to participate in the show live, you can call in at 11 AM PST on Monday, November 8, 2010 to 347 539-5700 or sign in at where you will be able to ask questions, comment, or just enjoy the show.

All shows are recorded, so if you are unable to listen live, you may listen later or download the show at the show page, under On Demand Episodes.

Hope to see you on the radio! I truly do appreciate all fo your love and support. Thank you! ;-)

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