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With all of the other things that demand your attention, sometimes the task of writing falls by the wayside. But if you are relying on article marketing to bring targeted traffic to your web site, then your goal should be to write at least one article each day. That might sound like a daunting task, because if you do not have a high volume of articles published in article directories, then you have not seen the kind of traffic and exposure they can bring you. The return on your article writing and submitting efforts can be delayed by thirty days or more, but you must continue to crank out those articles and take it on faith that they will be working for you for months and years to come.

Develop an Article Writing System
Do not try to start from a blank screen or piece of paper. Develop your own article writing system that will help you to produce more writing in less time and with less anguish and effort. Create a list of the article topics and keywords that you need to write about and do your research in batches. Take notes on each topic and file it under a working title for each article.

Schedule Your Article Writing Time

Set aside time to write when you are feeling rested and alert. Why not start each day by writing an article or two? If you actually schedule in a time slot for writing each day, you can have your online calendar send you reminders throughout the day. After awhile you will establish your own writing routine.

Create Article Templates
If you have been writing for any length of time you have developed a unique writing style or approach to creating your articles. Create a few templates for the style of article that you write. For example: The Q and A article, or the ‘What Not to Do,” article, etc. You can also purchase ready made article templates if you are not feeling especially creative. Sometimes just looking through your templates file can spark an idea for an article.

Post Your Working Articles List in a Visible Location
If you have a bulletin board in your office, or a white board, write your running list of articles in progress on that board. Having your article titles posted in a place that you can see them every day will keep them top of mind so that you are less likely to procrastinate about getting them finished.

Build in a Reward for Your Hard Work
Sometimes the prospect of a reward is enough to motivate us to push on and accomplish a goal. Set up some way t reward yourself when you have met the writing goals that you have set for yourself. Encourage one of your colleagues to join you in trying to write and submit more articles and you can encourage each others progress and share ideas.

The true rewards of article marketing come with volume. Make it a daily practice to continue to add to your volume of articles and you will be encouraged as you see the traffic to your web site steadily increase over time.

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