Blog + Facebook + Twitter: How to Easily Put Your Content Feed on Auto-Pilot


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I was listening to the audio replay of the ‘Ask the Blog Squad‘ Q&A teleseminar call, and I picked up an easy to implement productivity hack that I have already put into place today. (How’s that for taking fast action?)

The first step in the equation is your blog. Keep it updated on a consistent basis with content that, “educates, engages, entertains and enriches the lives of your readers.” (The Blog Squad)

The next step is to go to the ‘Notes’ application on Facebook and enter the URL for your blog’s RSS feed, so that when you update your blog with a new post, your Facebook profile will be updated as well.

Finally, the third part of this dynamic little triad is a fabulous little twitter application called You simply enter your twitter name and password and the URL for your blog’s RSS feed, and it will send a tweet whenever you update your blog.

So, now your Facebook pals and your Twitter peeps can be the first to know when you’ve added fresh content to your blog. Easy peasy, no?

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