Book Review: Conscious Language: The Logos of Now –The Discovery, Code, and Upgrade to Our New Conscious Human Operating System


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Book Review: Conscious Language: The Logos of Now –The Discovery, Code, and Upgrade to Our New Conscious Human Operating System

By Robert Tennyson Stevens

Mastery Systems, LLC, 2007

Each of us uses words to communicate with each other to describe how we think and how we feel. We use words to make sense of our world and our place in it. In Conscious Language, Robert Tennyson Stevens explores how becoming aware of how our language—the words we choose and use in every interaction and those we speak to ourselves—shapes our thoughts, which in turn shapes our life situations. By bringing awareness to the ineffective ways that we have been using language, and learning subtle “upgrades,” we can transform our lives from living the mundane status quo to living up to our dreams, goals and desires.

Using the metaphor of a computer operating system, (our Human Operating System) Stevens teaches readers how upgrading to utilizing a more conscious language can eliminate those limiting belief systems that we have concocted with our thinking.

While the subject matter of Conscious Language is nothing less than mind blowing, it is written in a clear, easily understood style. At times I found myself laughing out loud and other times my world was rocked by the profound nature of what Stevens shares in this book.

Based on 37 years of research, study, teaching workshops and coaching groups and individuals, Conscious Language is a guide for those who understand the power of language to transform experience.

On page 71, Stevens writes:

“Language is the medium of thought. Thought is the medium of our reality. Changing our language medium “can” change our thought which, “potentially” changes our reality.”

I enjoy how Stevens bases his work on the language code of Biblical scripture without preaching or making his work unappealing to non-religious readers. While he was writing this book he was guided to this particular scripture in the book of Job 22:28,

“Thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.”

Conscious Language is one of several books and home study courses on conscious language that is offered by Stevens’ company called, Mastery Systems, including Sacred Body Language Translations.

I recommend this book for those on a spiritual path who are looking for clarity in the what they communicate with themselves and with others. This book will expand your awareness of how, “. . . our language will expand with our consciousness and how our consciousness will expand with our language.”


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