Can You Improve Your Blog’s Alexa Ranking?


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I have been learning more and more about Google pagerank and Alexa rankings, and while my blog is now a PR3 (out
of 10), my current Alexa ranking is so high (over 2 million) they don’t even show stats for it on their website.  All this means is that I must continue to work on driving targeted traffic to my blog, because the more traffic a site gets the more their alexa ranking will rise. But there is a bit of a caveat in there. The traffic needs to come from sites where the visitor has the alexa toolbar installed.

So, if you’d like to know how you can help a blogger boost her Alexa rankings, here’s a couple of things you can do. These, by the way, are things that you can also do to boost your own website or blog’s ranking so take note.

1. Install the Alexa toolbar, (it can also be a status bar). Use it to visit your own site daily and you’ll get lots of geeky, techy info about the other sites you visit.

2. Leave a short review of my blog:

Here are the steps I’m taking to nudge my Alexa rankings down as much as I can without breaking out in a cold sweat
or losing a moment of sleep about it:

1. Leaving a review (with a link back to my blog) on the top ranked Alexa sites

2. Installed the Alexa widget to my blog

3. Installed the WP Stats and the stats plugins so that I can track all of my relevant stats from

one handy dashboard.

4. Getting listed in web directories such as, which was down today when I tried to log in.

5. Most importantly, work on publishing relevant, useful content that keeps my readers coming back, encourages
them to comment, and share the content that they find useful.

Here I am, unabashedly pimping the all-powerful Alexa because it’s basically the popularly accepted way to determine a website’s value. Do you care about your blog’s Alexa ranking? If so, and you’ve tried some other nifty hacks to nudge your ranking down please share them here.

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