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Social media marketing can no longer be called a passing fad. If you look at some of the big players such as Intel, Honda, Coca Cola and thousands of other brands both large and small, who are using social media to engage with their audience and increase brand awareness, you’re sure to discover that social [...]

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When visitors land on your website you’ve got mere seconds to grab their attention and get them to stick around to see what you’ve got to offer. Most people will not buy what you have to offer on their first visit to your site, but if they like what they see, you want to seize [...]

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Over the past few weeks I have been attending LaShanda Henry’s SistaSense Circle group coaching program. It was designed to provide focused coaching for women infopreneurs, authors, and coaches who wanted to grow their businesses. LaShanda is the founder of Black Business Women Online, which is an over 8,700 member strong online community. She has [...]

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Bloggers and Online marketers work in a field that is moving at an incredibly fast speed. It seems like as soon as you get a handle on a particular strategy or technique then some new changes come along and you must quickly learn to adapt. Professional development is crucial for those who make their living [...]

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Bloggers know that it takes a lot of time, energy and maybe even a little bit of blood, sweat and tears to crank out quality content. They also know that it’s the quality, relevance and stickiness of their content that attracts traffic and gets visitors to subscribe and hang around to find out what else [...]

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As a freelance consultant, my current clients are the center of my business. Some small business people struggle between the need to acquire new clients while keeping their current clients happy. It costs far more to acquire a new client than it does to maintain one, so I choose to do whatever I can to [...]

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Blogging provides an effective platform for writers and authors who want to get the word out about their newest book, their latest insight, or commentary on events going on in the world around us. Writers share an abiding affection for the written word. They seek to give expression to their deepest fears, desires, and passions [...]

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How do you handle subscriber complaints from your email list community? Do you take it in stride as a part of doing business, or does it freak you out a little bit and send you scrambling? I must admit to the latter, but I am learning to grow a thicker skin, get over myself and [...]

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1. Establish a consistent publishing schedule and stick to it. At least three posts a week is ideal. 2. Add an opt-in subscription box ‘above the fold‘ close to the upper, right-hand corner of your blog. Offer a valuable free product in exchange for their contact information. 3. Send weekly updates to your email list [...]