Content Marketing Tips: Create a Newsletter That Runs on Autopilot


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My readers at the productive pen blog know that I’m not about hype, and if I promote something it’s because I have tried it myself and I know firsthand that it works. A little over a year ago, I discovered a website called, which has both a free and a paid option for creating a curated newsletter that you set once and then it runs on autopilot every day or every week. lets you tap into the power of the social web and pull relevant content from resources such as blogs, Google+ Facebook, RSS, Twitter, Youtube and Tumbler to pull in the news that applies to your niche. You have total control over the sources that your newsletter pulls from to get content.

You can customize the colors and the font for your publication, and they provide promotional tools to help you spread the word about your newsletter and your website. The cool thing about newsletters is that they look great on your laptop, tablet and smartphone.

I used to create the, Write the Vision Daily newsletter for online writers. Subscribe here to see what I’ve been raving about:

Anyone who has created a newsletter by hand knows how much time and effort it takes to pull each issue together. Imagine if you could just set it up once, and then it cranks out a newsletter every day or every week like clockwork? You can always go in and make adjustments to it as you go along. I’ve gotten some really positive feedback from my readers who find my newsletter useful.

Keep on writing and be sure to share your tips and suggestions for what you’d like to see more of on this blog.

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