Creating Sales Velocity: Awaken Your Power to Attract Sales Effortlessly: A Review


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Creating Sales Velocity: Awaken Your Power to Attract Sales Effortlessly

by Matthew Ferry, Spirit Publishing, LLC

First, I will say that I don’t remember ever ordering this book, so when it arrived in the mail I was a bit puzzled. I was intrigued by the subtitle: A Pocket Guide to Becoming a Conscious Salesperson. I don’t really consider myself to be a salesperson, but as a business woman, sales is definitely part of what I do, so I decided to read it and see what it had to offer, and boy was I in for a surprise.

Don’t be misled by the title because this little book is really about how to become a better conscious creator in all aspects of life not just in the arena of sales. Written by Matthew Ferry, who calls himself a, “Happiness Expert,” Creating Sales Velocity contains several simple processes which Ferry calls games that help the reader develop their ability to manifest what they want.  When you become a more conscious creator and you are manifesting your desires through service to others, happiness is a natural by-product.

If you are a sales person looking to step up your game, I imagine that reading this book and putting the processes into action will transform your career and your life. Ferry writes about making a contribution rather than making sales. He shares concepts such as, ‘The shift from self-absorption to awareness of others, taking responsibility for everything, and the fact that action does not get results just might rock your world a little bit.

Ferry manages to cram an abundance of practical wisdom into this little guide book.  As I read this powerful book I could feel the love and devotion that Ferry has for his readers.  Here’s an example:

“Ultimately your time spent selling each day is a journey towards uplifting the planet.  You are, now more than ever, experiencing your job as an opportunity for conscious growth  and development. You have discovered that peace in every situation brings incredible productivity. You’ve found that acceptance is the most persuasive tool in the toolbox, and clearly the most important person for you to accept is you.”

Let me include a word of warning here: If you are not ready to move to a higher level, to let go of your lame excuses for why you are not where you want to be and take full responsibility for your results then don’t bother picking up this book. But if you want to become a more conscious creator of your own experience, contribute to the world and create a tidal wave of abundance then you are ready for this powerful little book that will transform your thinking and help you to embrace the perfection in everything.

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