Developing the Mindset of Abundance in a Downturn World


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Aloha Spirit!
The way we think about our lives, our approach to facing and dealing with the challenges that life brings is based upon what kind of mindset we have. Children who are raised being told that if they work hard, stay in school, and stay out of trouble then their lives will be good. The traditional path of going to school, graduating from college and then finding a ‘good job,’ is the path that many Americans have been on until recently. Since the onset of this current ‘economic downturn,’ thing has radically shifted quite unexpectedly for millions of people. Now face with job losses, loss of homes, and a complete shake-up of their lifestyle, people are being forced to find another way of approaching life. When the ground that you once stood on becomes shaky, you are forced to move to another more stable position. If your job and your lifestyle of consumption is what defined you before, and that all falls away, what remains?

Developing the mindset of abundance involves looking to the source of everything which is resident in each of us. Every human being was created in the likeness of our Creator, and a spark from that flame lives within each of us. Taking on a new, more resourceful mindset of abundance begins by acknowledging that a job is not the source of our supply, rather it is our Source that sustains us. We were all given unique gifts and talents that would serve to help us to make our way in this world and through their expression live at our highest and best.

Taking on the mindset that each of us has within us everything we need to be everything we ever wanted to be involves trust, and faith and perseverance. We must trust the guidance that we are always given. We need to have faith that our Source will sustain us as we seek to express our gifts and talents, and we need to persevere through the challenges and the storms that are a part of living on this planet.

Developing the mindset of abundance involves getting in touch with our Source and being open to what it has to teach us. It involves expressing our deepest gratitude for what we have in order to create a space for what we desire. It involves blessing ourselves and those we come in contact with in order to increase the flow of positive energy moving through us. Take a look at this short article about the ‘Aloha Spirit,’ which has detailed instructions on how to enhance your power to bless.

Reading inspiring books written by people who embody the mindset that you desire is another way to train your thinking and change your thoughts towards the things that you would like to do, be and have. So, while the world keeps spinning its tales of gloom and doom and destruction, you can stand aside and embrace the power to continue on your own path doing that which you are guided to do and creating your own abundance and peace.

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