Digital Content Curation: Having Your Say and Adding Value to Your Content Marketing Mix


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Recently I have been hearing a lot about a new buzzword in the blogosphere, “curation.” Since the fall of 2010, it’s been trending upwards because it’s something that most bloggers and online content creators are already engaged in, but now we’re sort of giving it a funky, cool name.

Digital curation, according to Wikipedia, is the selection, preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving of digital assets.

So, content curation, which is what you are already doing when you share a useful blog post that you found on Twitter, posting an update on your Facebook fan page about an emerging industry trend or record a podcast about your topic is all about aggregating and adding your particular spin, knowledge and expertise on the subject.

Curation is an important aspect of marketing when you are part of a community of subject matter experts or authorities on a particular topic. As a member of a tribe of like-minded people, you share your colleague’s content with your network, and they reciprocate and share your content with theirs.

Here are three sources of ‘roundup’ collections of the most popular, currently available tools for content curation.  My favorite one these days has been Amplify, but take a look at what’s available and see what you like the best:

Content Curation Tools to Aggregate, Filter, Edit, Curate and Distribute Any Type of Content – updated weekly – - MindMeister Mind Map

Let’s use the topic of content marketing as an example.  Some of the leading voices in content marketing include people such as Joe Pulizzi, of Junta42 and the Content Marketing Institute.

In a March 2 post Pulizzi writes, “People don’t care about you, they care about themselves.  Create content that solves customers’ pain points. Stop talking about yourself, your products, your services.  If you do, make it about your customers.”

Brian Clark, CEO of Copyblogger Media, is another one of the prominent voices in the content marketing arena. Copyblogger has been named one of the most popular blogs in the world by Technorati, it’s on the Advertising Age’s ‘Power 150 List,’ and the Guardian named it one of the world’s 50 most powerful blogs.


One of my personal favorite resources at Copyblogger is their, “Magnetic Headlines,” series. When I am creating content and I need a bit of headline inspiration that series is my go-to resource.

Newt Barrett, a content marketing strategist, from Content Marketing Today is co-author with Joe Pulizzi on the book, ‘Get Content, Get Customers.’ Barrett says, “By delivering content that is vital and relevant to your target market you will begin to take on an important role in their lives.”

So, digital content curation puts the curator in the driver’s seat, so to speak allowing them to play the role of human aggregator, but one who adds significant value over simply forwarding a list of links on a particular topic.  Curation of the popular topics in your niche can help your content marketing efforts by adding value to the lives of your readers and positioning you as the trusted authority.

Please feel free to share your favorite curation tools, or share a link to your favorite content marketing resources in the comments.


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