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In case you didn’t realize this, Facebook uses an algorithm to filter or sort what shows up in your news feed when you log in to your Facebook personal profile. The status updates, the photos, and videos are just a sampling of all of the content that your friends are sharing. Depending on how many friends you have, it would be overwhelming if you just saw everything unfiltered. That filtering is influenced by EdgeRank, which has a formula associated with it. Let’s delve into EdgeRank a bit and find out how you can use your new knowledge about it to boost your visibility on Facebook.

The news feed that you see on your Facebook profile uses various criteria to decide what will be displayed for you. Techcrunch calls EdgeRank the, “Secret Sauce,” of Facebook’s news feed, so let’s break EdgeRank down:

When you add your content to Facebook, whether it’s a status update, photos, videos, or notes, each of these bits of content are called, “objects.”

As your friends interact with the object you posted by either “Liking,” it, sharing it, or commenting on it, they are adding what’s called an “edge,” to the object. Each subsequent interaction adds additional edges to the object boosting its Edgerank and increasing the liklihood that it will show up in the news feed of the friends you converse with on Facebook.

Facebook has publicly shared the basic EdgeRank formula, although they have not shared exactly how they use it: EdgeRank= u * w * d

Where u= the affinity score between viewing user and edge creator, w= weight for this edge type (create, comment, like, tag, etc.) and d= time decay factor based on how long ago the edge was created.

So, the basic components of EdgeRank are affinity, weight and time.

Affinity is Facebook’s one way measure of one user toward another–but not vice versa. Weight is applied to each object to determine its EdgeRank. The type of content you post matters when it comes to weight. Photos and videos have greater weight than links and status updates, but engagement–actually taking the time to comment adds tremendous value because it does not take much thought or effort to click the ‘Like’ button. Time is key because we all want to read what’s fresh and up-to-the-minute rather than looking at old news.

Now that you get what makes up EdgeRank, let’s look at how to determine what yours is currently.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so let’s first get a benchmark for what your EdgeRank score is right now. Visit, http://edgerankchecker.com. to find out what your score is now and get tips for improving it.

Here are some practical ways you can use it to boost the visibility if the objects that you share on Facebook:

1. Post more photos and videos

Photos and videos attract users and get more likes and comments

2. Find ways to encourage interaction with your friends

One way to elicit interaction is to ask open-ended, or provocative questions. Ask for a comment other than just clicking the “Like” button

3. Sprinkle your content throughout the day & include links in your posts

Posting a quick status update in the morning is not going to be sufficient if your goal is to increase exposure and results on Facebook.

4. Use Facebook’s survey feature to ask relevant, compelling questions

No on wants to respond to a lame survey. Ask interesting questions that your audience will care about and want to get answers to in your polls.

Use these tips to maximize the power of Facebook by boosting your visibility in the news feed. Boosting your EdgeRank will get you a better return for the time you invest on Facebook.

Got a Facebook marketing tip to share? Please feel free to leave it in the comments.

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