Embracing Change and Managing Growth as a Business Woman


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Regular readers of my blog know that in addition to being a blogger I am a Freelance web content writer, and I have to put a warning label on this post because it’s a bit more personal than my normal posts on this blog But my heart is full today and I wanted to take a moment and share with my readers some of what has been happening in my life lately.

I love my work because I am living a dream that I had been holding on to for most of my adult life. As the daughter of two entrepreneurial parents, I grew up thinking that having your own business was no big deal. My older sister and I started our first business when we were teenagers. We made baked goods for a local natural food restaurant. We ground our own flour, came up with our own recipes and when we made our bi-weekly deliveries, the cafes regulars were standing by waiting to get their hands on our famous ‘Kitchen Sink’ cookies and our moist and delicious banana bread.

Later, Angela and I tried our hands at another business–custom dressmaking. We sub-leased some retail space and did alterations and made custom clothes for our clients. But, given the fact that we lived in a tiny town in southern Oregon, there was not much of a call for designer gowns. But we learned some valuable lessons about business at a young age, and ever since then I have been determined to create my own business doing something that I love, which is writing.

So often you hear that famous statistic that says 90% of businesses fail within the first five years. Now I am well into year number three and my business has really taken off. I am so pleased and proud to be self-employed and getting paid to do work that I absolutely love and that fulfills me while allowing me to make an important contribution to the world.

This afternoon I just returned from a video shoot with one of my fabulous clients, 64 Clicks in Tyson’s, Virginia. They are a SEO firm that does Internet marketing consulting. I have clients who have a speaker’s bureau that helps market powerful women who want to get into public speaking, called Women Who Influence, and another amazing client, Bonnie Mechelle, whose life work is to help women become healthy and attain their ideal weight from the inside out. She is part of an amazing new project called ‘The Inner Weigh.’ I share all of this to say that I have been blessed beyond measure in my life and I am grateful for everything that the Universe has placed in my path, but all of these things are coming together because I did not give up.

Building a business takes time, effort, tenacity and guts. There have been times when I wondered if anyone was even aware that I was alive. But I did not give up. I kept on working and learning and writing. I honed my craft,

I built my skills and I kept reaching out until now my business is successful. If you have aspirations of starting a business then I encourage you to go ahead and get started. Circumstances will probably never be perfect so you may as well just seize this moment.

For a long time I was playing small and not living up to the woman I knew that I could be. Then I decided that it was time to stop riding the brakes and to step out and own my authentic power and strength. Now I have to learn to manage the incredible growth that my business is going through and that I am experiencing. As I have taken the lid off and opened myself up to the abundant flow that I had been blocking before I am amazed at the opportunities that are opening up to me.

I am grateful beyond measure for all of the support I have received from my friends and colleagues, and above all, I am grateful for all of my fabulous clients who trust my writing and marketing skills.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as there will be some changes coming up on this blog. I am working on branding myself and my business, so things will be changing and evolving to serve you even better than before. Finally, I am grateful to you, my readers, for sticking with me throughout all of the changes that have been going on in my life and in my business. Life is good, and to God be the glory.

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