Finding Your Passion and Purpose: What is YOUR Super Power?


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An important ingredient in the success of a business is the level of passion and dedication the owner has for what they are doing.  Finding your passion and purpose—your super power–and pursuing that as a business is a clear path to success.

You are a  unique individual with gifts, talents and abilities that set you apart from other people in the marketplace. Marketing is about sharing what makes you unique and what value you bring to the marketplace, in other words, it’s about sharing your super power with the world.

As a unique individual you’ve got a super power and that is your genius work—the work that you came to this planet to do. Your task is to discover your super power and to keep improving your level of skill in that area until you are living in your passion and purpose and have the kind of life that you envision.

Once you have determined what your super power is, you must incorporate that into your marketing messages. This is your sparkle that makes you sizzle.  It is that essential element that sets you apart and it’s what will attract your ideal clients to you.  When you are sure of your life’s work and purpose your confidence will grow and that’s also attractive.

Here are some tips for finding your super power:

  • Finish the following sentences:

I would do______________ even if I were not getting paid for it.

My passion is __________________, but no one would pay for that.

When I am working on _______________________ I lose all track of time.

I’ve always dreamed of how I could earn a living doing _______________.

  • Write a description of what a typical day would look like when you are living your passion and purpose to the fullest.
  • Quickly write down three things that you can do to move you closer to being able to pursue your passions and perform your super power.
  • Find one person who you can confide in who will support your efforts to pursue your purpose.

Take one of the three actions that you came up with and do it today.  Get out your calendar and schedule out the action steps that will be required for you to take in order to live your passion and purpose. Contact that person and ask them to hold you accountable to your vision.

Finally, remember that you already possess everything you need within you to do whatever you set your mind to. The Universe would not give you the desire for a thing without also giving you the ability or the means for achieving your desires.

If you’ve already found your passion and purpose, take a moment and share in the comments what it is, or what you had to do in order to be able to pursue your genius work and share your super power with the world.

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