Freelance Writing: Establish a Morning Routine for a More Productive Work Day


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One of the coolest things about being a freelance writer is that you can work pretty much whenever you want to. If you are a morning person, you can get up before the crack of dawn and complete your writing projects early so that you can have the day free to do what you want. Night owls can burn the midnight oil to get projects completed on time. But regardless of your schedule, you might want to consider establishing a morning routine to get your day off to a productive start.

But what makes being a freelance writer cool can also be the most challenging and that is learning to manage our productive time and energy in the most efficient way. I was inspired to write this post when I was listening to Internet Business Mastery, which is one of my favorite podcasts. They were talking about how important it is to establish a healthy morning routine, and to create a sense of order in the way you approach your business.

I was so inspired that I decided to create a morning routine of my own:

• Wake up

• 15-30 minutes meditation

• 15-30 minutes Yoga

• Wake children up

• Prepare breakfast and lunches

• Get dressed

• Supervise girls getting ready for school

• Drive girls to school

• Return home

• Shower & get dressed

• 30 minutes devotional time

• Begin work

When I can stick to this routine I find that my day flows much more smoothly. Now that the weather is warm again there’s a struggle between fitting in my walking time and my devotional time, but if I skip either one I can feel the effect of it pretty quickly, so I find a way to balance the two.

Writing is a creative talent that needs a rested, alert mind in order for the output to be of any usable quality. Getting enough rest, eating a healthy diet and establishing healthy routines can serve to feed your creativity and enhance your productivity.

Your Turn:
Do you have a morning routine? Please feel free to share if you think it helps you to be a better or more productive writer.

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