Ghostwriting Revisited: A Roundup of Resources for Hiring and Working with a Ghostwriter


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As a Freelance blogger, writer, and overall web content developer, a large portion of the writing that I do is ghostwriting. Now, ghostwriting is a term that gets tossed around a lot online, but it basically describes someone who writes on a work for hire basis, and the content that they produce becomes the property of their client once they have paid for it. A ghostwriter basically creates a product such as a SEO article, an eBook or website copy. The client pays them for their work and then the client is free to sign their name to that work and call it their own.

You may or may not be surprised to know how many websites use ghostwriters to keep their sites full of fresh content, but they’ll never tell. Lately, I have received some ghostwriting book projects, which have been keeping me busy writing, editing and researching. But in the process of working with my clients and explaining to them how the process works I figured that this would be an excellent topic for a blog post.

If you are a business owner who has far more ideas for great content than you’ve got the time or the inclination to write it, your best option is to hire a ghostwriter to produce the content for you. Whether it’s a series of blog posts, articles or a full book project, choosing the right writer is the first step in the process.

Last year I wrote a popular blog post called, Hiring a Ghostwriter: Five Steps to Finding a Good One.

I also found a Squidoo lens with lots of information about finding, hiring and working with ghostwriters.

Because I also do ghostwriting for some of my social media management clients, this article has some interesting points about being upfront and transparent about your use of a ghostwriter in the social media realm.

The point is, it can be a bit challenging to contemplate hiring someone to take on such an important aspect of your online business as content creation. I recommend that you test it out with a simple project and see how it goes. If you find a writer that you can work with who creates excellent content and who understands your business needs, then you end up a winner.

Have you ever worked with a ghostwriter? Feel free to share your comments and suggestions for those thinking about hiring one.

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