Guest Post: 5 Ways to Generate Content Ideas Quickly


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Today’s guest post provides some useful tips for generating blog content ideas quickly and putting them to use right away. I saw this article in an email newsletter that I am subscribed to, and it was a perfect fit for my blog so I published it. Do you see how guest posting on blogs is a perfect win-win-win? You, the reader get a fresh point of view from a different blogger, the blogger gets exposure to a new audience and a back link to their blog, and I as the host get some fresh content that I didn’t have to create myself. Perfect.

5 Ways to Generate Content Ideas Quickly

By Dr. Rachna Jain

If you’ve been promoting online for any length of time, you’ve probably understood the importance of coming up with new content ideas.  After all, you need content for your website. Content for your blog. Content for your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn updates. Content for your guest blog postings and article syndication and videos and slideshows and. . . and. . . and. . . (You get the idea.)

Now, in between service delivery, marketing, and all the other things you do to keep your business running, who has time to come up with good content ideas over and over? And yet, you know you must, in order to keep your business growing. So here are 5 ways to generate new content ideas quickly:

1.) Scan your email and social networks. What questions are people asking? What kinds of content or updates are they posting? Can you find something to respond to or reply to?

2.) Create a list of 25-30 topics your target market is interested in- and then create a list of subtopics for each of these. Refer to this list whenever you’re stuck.

3.) Examine your own life for lessons or stories you can share. Your readers want to know you better, and a story is a great way to share about yourself and provide valuable information at the same time. You can also find good ideas in books you read or movies you see.

4.) Examine your website statistics. Which posts or pages are getting the most interest? Can you write a follow up article for something you’ve already written about?
5.) Create a case study. Case studies are a useful way to create content. Think about a client you are working with or recently helped. How can you create a narrative about their transformation?
These 5 strategies will help you build new content ideas rapidly. Once you get in the habit of generating content ideas from these sources, you might find that you have a lot more to share than you ever realized!

” Popularity is Good. Profitability is Better. Profitable Popularity is the Ultimate Goal.”
- Dr. Rachna Jain


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