Guest Post: 9 Tips to Boosting Your Self-Confidence


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By Yvonne Bynoe

Self-confidence is a critical element to you being able to create a profitable business.
To be clear, self-confidence isn’t about being arrogant or cocky. It is however about BELIEVING that you are valuable as a woman and capable of achieving your goals. Even if you don’t have an answer, you’re sure that you can figure it out or find the necessary resources. Most important once the way is revealed to you, you take action…IMMEDIATELY.

The problem is that many women never take the time to do the inner work that would allow them to achieve new and bigger goals in their businesses. When each month you’re scrambling for clients and struggling financially, it only reinforces your self-doubts and fears that you may not have what it takes to succeed. It’s a vicious cycle: FEAR–INACTIVITY-FAILURE-FEAR. The only way out is to retrain your mind through new belief and new actions.

Here are my 9 Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence

1. Stop comparing yourself with other people.
There will always be some people who knows more than you or who has
more success. If you play the comparison game, you’ll come up lacking.

2. Stop putting yourself down.
You create your life through your word and actions. You can’t develop high
self-confidence and a successful life and business if you repeatedly make negative comments about yourself and your abilities. Always speak positively about yourself, whether you’re talking about your appearances, your career, your relationships, your financial situation, or any other aspects of your life.
3. Accept all compliments with “thank you.”
When you reject a compliment, the message you give yourself is that you are
not worthy of praise. Respond to all compliments with a simple Thank You.”
4. Associate with positive, supportive people.
When you are surrounded by negative people who constantly put you and
your ideas down, your confidence is lowered. However, when you
are accepted and encouraged, you feel better about yourself and therefore
will be emboldened to take new actions that will bring you closer
to your dreams.

5. Make a list of your past successes.
This doesn’t necessarily have to consist of monumental accomplishments. It can include your “minor victories,” like learning to skate, graduating from college, receiving an award or promotion, reaching a business goal, etc. Read this list often. While reviewing it, close your eyes and recreate the feelings of satisfaction and joy you experienced when you first attained each success.
6. Make a list of your positive qualities.
Are you honest? Unselfish? Helpful? Creative? Be generous with yourself and
write down at least 20 positive qualities. Again, it’s important to review this list often. Most people dwell on their inadequacies and then wonder why their life isn’t working out. Start focusing on your positive traits and you’ll stand a much better chance of achieving what you wish to achieve.
7. Get involved in work and activities you love.
It’s hard to feel good about yourself if your days are spent in work you hat. Self-confidence flourishes when you are engaged in work and activities that you enjoy and make you feel valuable. This means eliminating tasks and obligations that drain you and replacing them with activities in your work and personal life that you are passionate about and that revitalize you.

8. Be true to yourself.
Live your own life – not the life others have decided is best for you. You’ll never gain your own respect and feel good about yourself if you aren’t leading the life you want to lead. If you’re making decisions based on getting approval from friends and relatives, you aren’t being true to yourself and your self-confidence is lowered.

9. Take action!
You won’t develop higher confidence if you sit on the sidelines and back away from challenges. When you take action – regardless of the ensuing result – you feel better about yourself. When you fail to move forward because of fear and anxiety, you’ll be frustrated and unhappy – and you will undoubtedly deal a damaging blow to your self-esteem.
Creating more success in your business is a sure fire way to increase your self-confidence. Here’s a way for you to take action and attract more clients and more cash into your business. Listen to my complimentary training on about how to attract more clients and earn more cash

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