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Social media simply put allows a business to engage with customers instantly, it provides live market research and brand building. Social media is the new platform used to communicate a message to the consumers or the target audiences. The message could be communicated through different mediums such as social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (which is becoming more popular), LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+; etc. Millions of people are active on these sites. Our world is becoming more digital and is easily accessible through our finger tips. Consumers are getting more engaged in creating and responding to likes, comments, tweets and posts. Consumers are using social media to communicate with each other. Nowadays consumers are using social media in replacement of traditional media such as newspaper, television, radio; etc. Social media is the new media platform of opportunities.

Social media sites can help a business to find new and creative ways to generate more sales, build relationships with potential customers and increase the customers responsiveness and effectiveness of the business service. Unfortunately, most of the businesses fail to understand the use of social media as a huge platform.

A business fails to understand social media when it cannot build trust and loyalty to its potential customers. The mistake occurs when the business uses social media to platform their own products and services and fail to connect with other business and their customers.

A business views social media solely based on the content of Facebook or Twitter, and fails to use PR or other social platforms as a tool to communicate. Just having a Facebook or Twitter account is not enough. There are other platforms like YouTube, Pinterest (to upload and share business pictures or blueprints), LinkedIn or having a corporate blog. Just doing social media well is not just about being everywhere. It’s all about selecting one or two of the most appropriate and constructive channels for your business and doing them really well.

For a business it is very important to develop a strategy for what you hope or want to achieve. What target market are you trying to engage with? Why are you using the social media platform? Do you really know why you want to use social media as your platform to reach your target group?

Social media is all about marketing. You can’t use a social media channel as a broadcasting platform. Social media is used for marketing and to get sales out of it. A business should invest time and effort into the conversation built up and service rendered to customers.

A business should focus on a social media platform to communicate the appropriate message, to make the audience aware that their brand exists. A business should have a thorough knowledge about the social media platform and how to reach out to its audiences. Businesses should know how to keep the audience engaged by using social media platforms. A business can use social networks to promote their businesses and to broadcast their messages.

A business should not only communicate to its customers through advertising, public relations or publicity is also needed. Publicity could be built through social media sites. Twitter could be the best platform for a company to talk about the business reputation and then hear people talking about your business. Give customers a reason why they should like you and connect with you on social networks.

Social media is about engaging your audience and having a good conversation it’s not just about promoting. People love to watch videos and images. You can use a smart phone to make short videos and take photos, to share for free. In order to find success with social media, you should understand your industry, your competitors, and begin to join and create conversations with your customers and colleagues on the various social media platforms.

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