Have You Created Your 2010 Action Plan Yet?


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Goal Setting

2009 was a fantastic year for me in my business. As I end this year I am taking the time to create a deliberate intention for how I plan to move my business forward in 2010. I have been using a variety of tools to accomplish this task including one of Tony Robbins’ goal setting workshops to set some global goals that cover all aspects of my life, I am using Khama Anku’s DVD program, How to Build Your Business from the Ground Up, to put the finishing touches on my new business plan, and I am using La Shanda Henry’s, Create Your 2010 Action Plan to reflect on how my business went last year and how I would like to see it grow and move to the next level in the year to come.

It’s been fascinating to look at the numbers and really see where my business saw growth and where things could use some help. I’m also updating my marketing plan to include more of the marketing strategies that worked for me and some new ideas that I’d like to try in an effort to expand my reach and my visibility online.

If you have not yet created your 2010 action plan there’s still time. You can visit, to download your free copy of Create Your 2010 Action Plan. Because I have an affiliate relationship with La Shanda Henry, if you follow this link I’ve provided and you purchase any of the other excellent products that she has available, I will receive a commission. This is just one of the ways that I generate revenue in my business.

I believe that if you want to achieve a goal, the first step is to create a plan for how you will achieve it. I applaud you on taking the first step. So, here’s to an even more exciting 2010!

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