How to Make 2010 the Year You Actually Achieve Your Goals


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Many of us go through an annual ritual of setting personal goals, or setting business goals at the beginning of the year. We call then New Year’s resolutions and we have every intention of realizing these goals, but somehow they end up falling off the radar screen and before you know it you’re back to your old, familiar habits.

This is nothing new, but as we begin this New Year and new decade maybe you want to try something new. Maybe this year you would actually like to achieve your goals.

The great painter, Pablo Picasso once said, “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and
upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

With that being said, let’s look at some tips and strategies for taking those goals off of the paper and into your life where you can vigorously act upon them.

You can find goal setting workshops in most personal development programs; you can find free goal setting software and websites online. It does not really matter what kind of goal setting strategy you use. Once you have compiled a list of personal, spiritual and financial goals, your next step is going to be writing out why it is crucial that you achieve those goals within the specified time frame.

If you don’t convince yourself of why you must achieve those goals you will not have enough of an emotional investment in accomplishing them. Simply making a list on paper is easy to do and also easy to discard when things get challenging.

Now we are going to bring those goals into your daily life by breaking them up into small chunks and adding them to your daily to-do list or task list.

Take one of your goals that you would like to accomplish within the next six months. Let’s say you’d like to lose that last ten pounds. You will now backwards engineer your goal and break it up into tasks that you can add to your daily calendar. Here are some of the things that you might want to do in order to lose weight:

• Clear the junk foods out of your house

• Choose a weight loss program that fits your lifestyle

• Hire a weight loss coach or counselor

• Buy a weight loss journal

• Re-new your gym membership

You would make a list such as this for each of your goals and then take the time to add them to your calendar. If you’ve got an iphone or another smart phone you can download apps that will support your setting and achieving your goals. At the end of each day you will be able to tick off the things you completed and move forward those things that you were unable to complete. Keep track of your victories and celebrate when you achieve them. This will cause you to want to continue to strive towards your goals even more.

• Keep your goals where you can see them every day.

• Create a vision board

• Create a slideshow video using images that represent the achievement of your goals

• Build in rewards for when you achieve minor and major milestones.

• Be accountable to someone for your goals.

• Listen to motivational and educational programs that will encourage you to achieve your goals.

• Believe in yourself and your ability to get from where you are to where you’d like to be.

• Encourage someone else who is struggling.

So, now you have some ideas for taking your goals and putting legs on them. Pick one of these ideas and implement it right now. Interact with your goals every day until you achieve them. Focus your laser-targeted attention on your goals and they will become a reality.

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