How to Use Your Auto-Responder to Nurture a Relationship with Your Email List


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How to Use Your Auto-Responder to Nurture a Relationship with Your Email List
Your opt-in email list is the nerve center of your online business. Whether you are a blogger, an affiliate marketer or a freelance online content producer like me, you must build your own contact list of prospective customers if you have not already done so.

But it’s not enough to just gather up those emails and sit on them like they are going to hatch. Each one of those emails is your direct contact with a person who has visited your website, seen what you had to offer and liked it enough to give up their contact information. They have agreed to continue to receive emails from you, so go ahead and communicate with them.

Your list is only valuable to you when you foster a warm relationship with them. Take off your ‘sales’ hat and put on your, ‘getting to know you’ hat. If you want to be able to send promotional offers you must first create a mutually beneficial relationship with them by providing value.

This afternoon I joined a fabulous webinar put on by Janet Legere, who was talking about, How To Write Auto-Responder Letters. Here are a few tips that I learned from her on this content-rich webinar:

  • Write shorter emails
    (Don’t write a novel. Keep your emails short and sweet and to the point.)

  • Ask questions
  • Invite them to communicate with you
    (Provide links to your email and IM and phone number)

  • Share tips and strategies for what is working for you
  • Share don’t sell
  • Your goal is to get your opt-in members to begin to know, like and trust you more, so be real, be authentic and engaging with them.

    Janet and her husband Don do these free training webinars at noon on Saturdays, so I recommend that you scoot on over to her blog,, right now and sign up for her email list so that you can get a link to sign up for her next webinar.

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