How to Write a Book: Are You a Transformational Author?


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Are you one of the reported 80% of Americans who want to write a book? Do you feel like you’ve got an amazing idea for a book that will absolutely transform the lives of your readers? If so, you might call yourself a transformational author. The other day I was listening to an interview with Christine Kloser, creator of the Transformational Author Experience. Even if your aspirations for your book are not quite that lofty, you might still want to learn more about what Christine has to offer.

Christine offers a self-directed class that will help you, as the title says, “Discover How to Successfully Write, Publish and Market Your Transformational Book.” She offers free access to four of the classes in her program so that you can get a feel for the process. After listening to her interview where she shared a ton of useful content with the listeners, I signed up to get her introductory classes, and I am seriously considering taking her course. I already own a book that she and Lynne Klippel compiled called, Align, Expand and Succeed, so I was familiar with her, but now that I have heard that in-depth interview I was even more impressed.

As I make progress on my book project I will be sharing more resources related to writing books, indie publishing, ebook publishing and publishing on demand. I just received a fabulous Nook Color ebook reader for Christmas, so one of my new projects is learning all about the Barnes and Noble ebook publishing platform.

If you’re a writer, please keep writing and sharing your stories and insights with the world. If you love books, then buy books and help support the authors who write the stories you love to read, and share those life-changing lessons that inspire us to live better.


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