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When I embarked on this journey to start creating my own products so that I could begin to start generating some passive income streams, I came up against an obstacle right away. I totally suck at graphic design. I’ve been seeing some very sexy looking, 3-D eBook covers and I wanted my products to have those, but since I’m operating on a shoestring budget here I was determined to find a way to do it myself.

After spending more time than I should have searching, I came across this product called, Create Your Own eBook Covers with Free Software. It sounded intriguing so I took a closer look. This product is basically a step-by-step eBook that walks you through creating your own professional looking eBook covers. It’s literally click here, do this, do that and voila! you’ve got your own eBook cover. The ebook also comes with a series of instructional videos and design templates, so you are literally ready to go as soon as you download the product.

I made a quick video to show you how I created my first eBook cover using one of their templates and following the instructions that came in the package:

A bonus that is included in the product is a series of instructional videos that show you how you can make money by offering this product to your website visitors or email subscribers in the same way that I am sharing this fabulous find with you.

So, to recap, when you purchase the Create Your Own eBook Covers with Free Software product you will receive an eBook that walks you step-by-step through the process of creating your own professional looking eBook cover using software that won’t cost you a dime, ten instructional videos that walk you through all of the steps, a set of design templates, and bonus videos that show three different ways to generate some income with this product.

Given the fact that I successfully used this product and I can attest to the fact that it does what it promises, I recommend it to you to try when you just can’t afford to hire a graphics person to create your eBook covers for you.

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