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Lifestreaming is a convenient way to gather together all of your online projects, social media communities, microblogging platforms into one place to facilitate sharing all of that content more easily.

Freelance writers often join lots of communities and have contacts and lots of content to share. Lifestreaming can be a good time saving device to keep all of that together and give you more time and energy to devote to your writing.

So now all of your Facebook friends, your flickr photos, your blogs will be accessible with one click rather than having to log in to each of these to update them and keep up with all that is going on there.

Lifestreaming is, according to “An online record of a person’s daily activities, either via direct video feed or via aggregating the person’s online content such as blog posts, social network updates, and online photos.” So, lifestreaming can be considered a very immediate, concise aggregation of all the social media sites that you are involved with collapsed into to a single, convenient stream. Now, rather than referring your friends to a string of links on your blog to your various social media communities, you can send them to a single page where they can keep track your fresh updates online.

Here are some Lifestreaming sites for you to try to see which one best meets your needs: is still in private Beta right now. Their tag-line is: “It keeps you in the loop with what’s going on around you in almost real time and keeps the world in the loop with what’s going on with you.” At this point, you have to send an email requesting an invitation to try the private beta., has exploded on the scene and has become a prime example of the consummate Lifestreaming destination. Users can import feeds from many of the popular social media sites, and rss feeds. They can join or create groups and share their resources with everyone. Embedding your FriendFeed link on your blog, will provide a constant stream of fresh content to your home page. is a combination microblogging platform and a lifestreaming application. Tumbler aggregates all of your your social media accounts, videos, photos all in one place in addition to the microblogging feature. You can even view and update your tumblr page from your smart mobile phone., which is still in private beta, but allows new users to sign up and use the service looks like another great site where users can organize their lives online.

There are many sites online now where you can organize your online life. Lifestreaming is a convenient, elegant way of collecting your online projects in one place allowing you to save you time, and save your friends, contacts and clients time as well by providing a space for them to access all of your fresh content in one convenient place.

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