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Ever since Google shifted their algorithms with the Panda or farmer updates earlier this year it has thrown the SEO content creation world into a topspin. Here’s a great article with some practical tips that you can put to use right away when you are creating SEO content in a post Panda world. These practices should help you get better results from your articles and blog post content-at least until the next update. . .

5 Article Writing Best Practices After Panda Updates
by Sushant

If you’re an SEO article writer, you’re probably aware of Google’s farmer updates and how they have turned the SEO world upside down. Today, webmasters are being extremely careful about choosing their article writing company as they want to make sure their content is good enough for Google guidelines. Therefore, ambitious SEO article writers should follow the best article writing practices to make sure their articles comply with Google’s content quality guidelines. Here are a few things you must keep in mind before you approach your next article:

Focus on Information: The Web is growing bigger and Google is getting smarter. The new algorithms (aka Panda updates) have been designed to value articles that offer original information to the users. Now, Google’s renewed algorithms can spot if your articles contain the same information that is already available within Google’s database. Therefore, if your articles aren’t original enough, Google may not value them as much. In other words, your articles will rank lower in terms of Google search algorithm parameters.

To avoid this, you should have a fresh approach towards SEO article writing. Try to focus more on the quality of information rather than the word-count. Join relevant forums and discussion board to develop an idea on what potential readers are looking for. Your best articles are hidden in the discussions across the Web, so take advantage of them. Do your own research to find the right information in order to make your SEO articles more valuable for Google search engines.

Avoid being Keyword-Centric: We are living in the world of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ where valuable information has a way being recognized and rewarded. Therefore, it’s pointless to go focus too much on SEO aspect of your articles. Using target keywords here and there are fine, but the prime importance must go to the quality of the articles rather than the other way round.

Don’t stress too much on whether you can begin the first sentences with the target keywords or use them in the headings. If you articles are based on research and read naturally, they will get recognized across the social web faster than search engines. Google’s renewed algorithms are smart enough to recognize the social popularity of your articles as well. Therefore, it’s time to shift your focus from keywords to quality information.

Write for Niche Audience: This may be convention wisdom but still holds true today. Keeping your target audience in mind is critical to improving the compliance of your SEO articles for Google search algorithms. This aspect has assumed more importance as Google’s farm updates have been designed to offer the most relevant results and information to the users. Therefore, if your SEO articles are crafted with your target readers in mind, they have increasing chances of being rewarded well on Google’s ranking priorities.

Try to develop articles around the subjects that interest your niche audience. Do a lot more research on what your potential audience is looking for. Write down their questions and see how your articles can address their queries. Use a personal tone to make your SEO articles read naturally and appeal to the taste of the potential readers.

Avoid Rewriting Others Articles: Many SEO article writers have misunderstood Google farmer updates and assume quality content is all about original text. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee – Google doesn’t value spun content anymore. So, there’s no point in sweating over quantity of articles. Moreover, avoid the temptation of rewriting popular articles to steal the advantages. Google is smart enough to recognize the same and devalue your articles categorically. There’s no alternative to doing your own research and writing fresh, innovative and informative SEO articles for better Google rankings and higher social recognition.

Make It Interactive: If you’re active on the social Web, you would have noticed an increasing social inclination towards interactive content. Today, your potential readers are being ambushed by too many articles across the Social Web. They have developed a habit of scanning through their social updates to spot articles that look actually interesting to their eyes at first sight. Therefore, by using interesting and visually interactive images, you can enhance the visual interaction of your target audience. Plus, present the information around your images in a way that appears relevant to the images. Spend some additional time on your SEO articles to make them appear more interactive before you post them.

Post Panda updates, SEO article writers are beginning to approach their articles in a way we couldn’t have imagined before. Article writers can no longer enhance the popularity of their articles buy following the old tricks. The Social Web has also empowered your audience to read articles that are really worth their time. In a way, Google Panda updates have been devised to rank articles based on their social popularity as well. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for SEO article writers to approach their article writing strategies in a whole new way.
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Try these tips and see what kind of results you get. Do you have any tips to share that you have learned since the massive sea change from Panda? Feel free to share them in the comments. If you find this article useful, please share it.

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