Recession-Proofing Your Business: What Strategies are Working for You?


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With all of this talk of a recession, and a ‘credit-crunch’ bringing with it massive job losses, there is an air of doom and gloom in the air as everyone begins tightening their belts and preserving cash wherever they can.

How has the recession affected your business? Have you been losing customers? Are your current customers spending less? I’ve been seeing lots of small business people talking about ‘recession-proofing’ their business, and I wonder if anyone is really trying any new strategies during these strange times and if they are having the desired outcome.

I am grateful that things have been holding somewhat steady around here. I have lost some clients, but I have gained new ones. I am also trying new marketing ideas such as holding teleseminars and I have some other ideas in the works as far as marketing goes.

So, I’m asking for you to share any ideas that you might have tried that are working for you to increase sales or bring in new clients during this down economy. I will share all of the ideas that I have received.

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