Reinvent You One Talk at a Time with Diana McCray and Patricia Rivera


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Regular readers of this blog know that I love to write about personal development. I believe that each of us is put here on this earth for a purpose and each of us has a sacred mission to accomplish in the time that we are given. Personal development for me is all about taking the gifts and talents that you have been blessed with and honing them and discovering how you can use your gifts to bless those around you.

I’ve been invited to be a guest on a fabulous personal development podcast called, ‘Reinvent U One Talk at a Time,’ with co-hosts, Diana McCray and Patricia Rivera. These two powerful women have put together an amazing show where. “. . .all women can come together as one, to educate, support and inspire one another.” They invite guests who come from a spiritual perspective, who are focused on collaboration over competiton and who understand the role of spirituality in business and in our growth as human beings.

So, whether you’re a regular reader of this blog, or a first-time visitor (I love first-time visitors! ;-) ) you are invited to listen to the show.

I’m excited to be a guest on, ‘Reinvent U One Talk at a Time,’ and I plan to talk a little bit about how I got started in my business, but I also want to use this opportunity to encourage others who may have been flirting with the idea of starting their own business, but may be nervous about taking the plunge.

Diana and Patricia have put together an amazing show, and I encourage you to download some of the past episodes and get inspired to step into your power as a woman and take the necessary steps so that you can begin to live the life of your dreams.

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