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Over the past few weeks I have been attending LaShanda Henry’s SistaSense Circle group coaching program. It was designed to provide focused coaching for women infopreneurs, authors, and coaches who wanted to grow their businesses. LaShanda is the founder of Black Business Women Online, which is an over 8,700 member strong online community. She has been in business for several years so she knows what she is talking about and she has achieved the level of success that I am striving for in my business.

There were ten women in this first circle and we got to know each other over the series of telephone coaching sessions and the online forum. I really enjoyed the focused attention that was made possible because the group was so small. I learned so much and I was inspired both by LaShanda and by the other amazing women in our group.

Here are a few of the little ‘nuggets’ that I learned that I  will share in order to inspire you to invest in some coaching:

The importance of sharing our stories
When we visit someone’s website and everything seems perfect and it looks like they’ve got it going on it can never reveal the depth of the struggles that they went through to achieve what they have today. Sharing the story of how you started your business, what struggles you were able to overcome, the lessons learned and the victories won makes your readers catch a glimpse of your humanity. They will find some aspect of your story that they can relate to and they might say to themselves, “If she did it then maybe I can, too.”

‘Marketing moments’ & business blogging
I learned that I have been giving far too much away on my blog and then not tying the content back into sharing about what I do. She taught us about a certain approach to business blogging that balances content marketing with lead generation, and I’ll tell you the very first time I put her advice into practice I got a new client.

Social media conversion
As someone who uses social media daily to market my business, and as a social media manager for my private clients, what I learned from LaShanda about how to bring more of my social media audience to my blog and convert them to clients paid off because right away becuase I signed a new client that first found me on Facebook.

So, if you’re feeling a bit stuck you might consider a group coaching program like the SistaSense Circle where you can learn and grow and stretch yourself as you gain the skills and support to grow your business or coaching practice in a safe, encouraging environment.

If you are just starting out in online business and you could use some guidance, I recommend LaShanda’s, The Beginner’s Guide to Building Your Money Making Business Online, which is a bundle of ebooks, a 7-day course and 15 ‘how-to’ videos.

While the SistaSense Circle has officially ended, I plan to keep in touch with the members of the class so that we can
continue to inspire one another and learn from each other.

Do you work with a stellar coach who has helped you to break through some barriers and achieve new levels of success? Brag about them here in the comments.

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