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A friend of mine named Sydney Chase, hosts a fabulous podcast called, the Indigo Room. The tagline of the show is, “It’s a spiritual thing you would understand” This podcast has a spiritual focus, and Sydney interviews guests who do energy healing, teach about law of attraction and things of that nature.

Now Sydney has come up with a wonderful new service to help people start the day off feeling positive and getting a reminder of their intentions before they dive into their busy days. It’s called The Good Rising Program. I am personally recommending this service because I am familiar with Sydney’s work and I know that you will enjoy getting a taste of her brilliant spirit, her energy and her enthusiasm to help inspire you each day and fuel your progress towards your life’s goals. BTW, I am not an affiliate of hers I’m simply trying to give her a bit of exposure on my blog. Please take a moment to look at the Good Rising Program.

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