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Today we got our first flurries of snow of this season in the DC Metro area. I was on a field trip with my first grader’s class on a visit to the Museum of the Native American on the National Mall in D.C. We were walking home from the museum as the first flakes began to fly. There was a chilly wind causing the snow to swirl in dramatic fashion and we all squealed and giggled as the kids tried catching the delicate crystals on their tongues. Soon the sun burst out from behind the clouds and the wind died down and the mini snow squall ended as quickly as it began. We felt the warm sun on our faces and before we knew it we were back at school.

I mention that little scene because it was enjoyable to me to be able to experience that with my daughter, but also because if we had chosen to take the bus as the other first grade classes did we would have missed the fun of tasting the first snow. We seized the moment and enjoyed the rewards of it.

This year is quickly drawing to a close and soon it will be time to plan ahead for the new year. We spend so much time both looking backwards at the past, and looking ahead and planning the future that we often lose sight of the most powerful moment of all–right now. This moment is really all that we have, and while I know how important it is to take an assessment of what has happened and plan for what I would like to have happen going forward, It is my intention to learn to live more in this moment right here.

We have some exciting days ahead in D.C. and for the country as a whole as we prepare to welcome a new president. These are strange and turbulent times for our economy as we ride through this downturn. It is interesting to watch how those who were living far beyond their means learn to make wiser choices and “tighten their belts” as the old folks used to say.

Today I want to focus on making the most of every opportunity and doing my best to stay in the moment as much as possible. I am working on developing my writing goals for the coming year and I will share them here when I have them all shaped up. I am trying to act more on inspiration rather than putting it off until later and then never quite accomplishing all that I can.

What can you do to seize the moment today? What ideas can you act upon quickly to set them in motion? Who can you encourage and make their day even better? How can you inspire yourself?

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