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Regular readers of this blog know that I am a huge fan of LaSahanda Henry, mompreneur and developer of Black Business Women Online, and blogger at  I’ve been a member of BBWO for years and I have watched LaShanda grow into a force to be reckoned with online. But what I love about her is that she has a heart to help business women of color succeed and thrive by  creating wealth through online business.

I want to invite you to check out the, first annual ‘SistaSense Power Circle Summit,’ which is a virtual conference so no worries about airfare, hotels and who will keep your kids while you’re away. This 2 Day TeleSummit for Web Entrepreneurs will run from  July 29 – July 30 2011.

LaShanda said, “The success of your business depends on the company you keep! When I think about how much my business has grown over the last four years, I attribute a great deal of my success to the powerful, successful, business minded people around me.”

In an effort to give all of us access to some of these great business minds, LaShanda has put together this amazing SistaSense Power Circle Summit. This event is made up of a group of talented and successful entrepreneurs that have graciously agreed to share 2 days worth of powerful business changing, mind shifting information with you.

The Keynote speaker, Donna Maria Johnson is the founder of INDIE Business. She will share her secret to Leadership: INDIE Business Style. How to enjoy your life! Build your business! Have your way!

Wealth Coach and Finance Expert Deborah Owens is going to discuss A Purse of Your Own: The Seven Wealthy Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs.

Ministry Marketing / Social Media Expert Pam Perry will show you how to use your book to build a business, essential marketing strategies every solopreneur and author should know.

Lashanda Henry aka Sistasense will be leading two sessions. One on how you can get paid for what you know and the other on list building and client attraction essentials.

The Brand Coach, Jai Stone will speak on how you can increase your brand recognition through social media.

Successful Blogger and Social Media Expert Lamar Tyler is going to share his Blogging Expertise: Profit, Presence, and Good PR.

Mommy Blogger and Brand Relationships Expert Onica Cupido offers her insight on how you can develop strong relationships with brands.

Multi-million dollar mompreneur Richelle Shaw is going to give you an inside look into her million dollar equation!

These speakers are experienced, successful entrepreneurs that you need to know and have in your circle. They have a wealth of information to share with you that will transform your business. When I listen to them speak I think of them as not just motivators, but divine educators genuinely invested in helping others live their best life.

Don’t wait. Early Bird registration for the SistaSense Power Circle Summit begins now. The first 30 to register will also receive an exclusive gift – 2 downloadable mp3 audios sessions on social media marketing and using technology to build your business online. Early bird registration is $30 and ends July 7th, 2011. You will kick yourself if you miss out on this event and then hear everyone talking about how powerful it was. Register now.


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