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Stretching Yourself


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No, I have not switched this to a fitness blog. What I mean by stretching yourself is reaching beyond your comfort zone just a bit to step up to your next level of greatness. We are entering a new month and nearing the end of the third quarter of the year. It’s time once again [...]

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Welcome a guest post from Lili Cruchelow, another author on the AES book blog tour: Here is a simple question. What are your goals?  The majority of people, when asked this question might provide a vague, generalize answer. This is not good enough for starting a business.You need to be very clear in your goals so [...]

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It’s the middle of the summer, it’s blazing hot outside, the kids are out of school and the long, hot days of summer tend to lull us into vacation mode. Now, if you’re on vacation, by all means chill out, relax and enjoy your down time. But if you are still working towards completing your [...]

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When you have set a goal or stated an intention for something that you plan to manifest or accomplish, there is always a bit of lag time in between the moment that you make your intention or desire known to the Universe, and the moment that your intention is manifested in your experience in the [...]