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Guest post by Debra Johnson You’re stuck. You have no idea what to write, how to start writing, or even where to set your story. You are frustrated, getting angry and wanting to give up this gig. Don’t give up. There is one simple trick to get writing- write what you know. What do I [...]

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It’s the middle of the summer, it’s blazing hot outside, the kids are out of school and the long, hot days of summer tend to lull us into vacation mode. Now, if you’re on vacation, by all means chill out, relax and enjoy your down time. But if you are still working towards completing your [...]

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I can quite easily be described as a personal development ‘junkie.’ I discovered self-help books when I was in my late teens. Already a complete perfectionist, I think that my initial motivation for reading all of those books, listening to countless hours of tapes, and watching videos of motivational speakers talk about how great your [...]