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By Yvonne Bynoe As a coach or solo-entrepreneurs one of the biggest challenges that you have is that your income is directly tied to the number of customers that you can serve in a given day, week or month. For some of you, you’d literally have to work around the clock to earn a decent [...]

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I had a client meeting this morning with one of my ideal clients who is working on launching a new initiative for her existing business. We were talking about marketing and I was trying to give her some ideas for narrowing down her niche so that she could refine her message and reach the clients [...]

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Regular readers of this blog know that I am a big fan of LaShanda Henry, founder of Black Business Women Online. LaShanda is hosting another SistaSense Power Circle TeleSummit for Web Women Entrepreneurs, and I wanted to tell all of my readers about it. If you are a women entrepreneur with a business on the [...]

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Regular readers of this blog know that I’m a fan of LaShanda Henry, aka SistaSense. She’s the founder of Black Business Women Online, and for me, a work at home business woman to watch. Yesterday she created this video to share, ’5 Things Happening Right Now,’ so I wanted to share this video with my [...]

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If you are a small business person who works from home, one of the biggest benefits is that you can work according to your own schedule. Unfortunately, that’s also one of the challenges.  If you are not disciplined and focused distractions can pop up and steal your attention limiting your daily productivity. Here are some [...]

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Welcome a guest post from Lili Cruchelow, another author on the AES book blog tour: Here is a simple question. What are your goals?  The majority of people, when asked this question might provide a vague, generalize answer. This is not good enough for starting a business.You need to be very clear in your goals so [...]

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Regular readers of my blog know that in addition to being a blogger I am a Freelance web content writer, and I have to put a warning label on this post because it’s a bit more personal than my normal posts on this blog But my heart is full today and I wanted to take [...]

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As a freelance consultant, my current clients are the center of my business. Some small business people struggle between the need to acquire new clients while keeping their current clients happy. It costs far more to acquire a new client than it does to maintain one, so I choose to do whatever I can to [...]

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Today I attended the CHAMPS Links Lunch, which is a local small business networking group that meets once per month at a local restaurant. They meet to network and discuss the challenges that local small businesses face. As a ‘solopreneur’ writer who spends the majority of her time in the house in front of the [...]