The Importance of Coaching–Learn from and Model Successful People


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Life as a professional blogger/freelance content producer moves very fast these days. Last week I was up to my eyeballs in client projects, but I made the time to participate in a coaching group that would help me to improve and grow my business, while also helping me to refine my mindset. Being in that group and participating with the other participants who were business women at various stages of our businesses from those who were working on brining a business idea to fruition to those of us who already had successful businesses was inspiring.

In this blog post I want to share a bit about the importance of being coachable, and how working with a coach can help you to leap-frog over obstacles and reach your goals quicker than you otherwise would.

How coaching can help you grow
For a long time I ascribed to the “Lone Wolf” theory of entrepreneurship. I was going to tough it out alone, learn what I
could through trial and error and bootstrap my way to success. After floundering around for awhile trying different things and not getting the results I was after, I realized that it probably made sense to accept the guidance and advice of someone who has achieved the goals that I was seeking to achieve in my business.

The Christian Bible is full of verses about seeking counsel, but this is one of my favorites, “The way of a fool is right in
his own eyes, but a wise man is he who listens to counsel.” –Proverbs 12:15. This verse reminds us to take the time to listen to others who have learned valuable lessons and be grateful that they are willing to share them to make your path a bit easier than theirs was.

Heeding these wise words, I began to seek out the advice and guidance of coaches. I will tell you from the vantage point of having tried to go it alone, and now working with a coach, it is so much better to have someone in your corner to advise, support and encourage you as you go along.

Another benefit of working with a coach is that you save time. Trial and error takes time–and it requires that you make mistakes, learn from them and then course correct. But having a coach can help you to avoid many of those costly mistakes in the first place. When you are working with a coach who has already achieved the goals that you are aspiring to, they can show you exactly how to avoid many of the pitfalls that can side-track you, and which steps you should take to achieve success.

Commit to investing in your growth and development
Of course, working with a coach is not free. They need to be compensated for their time and expertise, but if you choose the right coach this is considered an investment that will bring an exponential return. You can never get back time that you have lost heading down the wrong path or climbing a ladder that is leaning up against the wrong wall.

You’ve got to be willing to commit to investing in your growth and development. You have got to be willing to invest in
yourself before others will invest in you.

Choosing the right coach

When you are looking for a coach who will support you in moving your business to the next level take the time to vet several candidates. Get recommendations from trusted friends and colleagues for coaches that they have worked with or who they have heard positive reports about. Visit their websites, watch their videos, and read about their accomplishments and their approach to coaching. If they offer a complimentary introductory session, take them up on it and have a lst of questions ready when you speak to them. Listen with an open mind and decide if you think that you have been able to establish a rapport with this person and if you think you will be able to learn from them.

I have worked with spiritual coaches, business coaches and most recently a blogging coach. I have found that the time and money spent was well worth it because in return I received increased focus, a ton of knowledge and the support and encouragement that you can’t get working alone. I highly recommend working with a coach if you want to move forward quickly while feeling supported and guided.

Finally, I would advise you to check out their cancellation policies in advance in case things go south and you decide to no longer work with them.

Working with a coach can be just what you need in order to catapult you to the next level of growth personally and for your business.

What have your experiences been with coaches? Have you found good results from working with a coach for personal or business goals? You are welcome to share your story in the comments.

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