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Happy New Year! I took a month’s hiatus from the Productive Pen blog and devoted my attentions to doing a 31-day challenge on a new blog project called 31 Days of Intentions. I really enjoy writing on the topic of personal development and spiritual concepts, so I decided to devote an entire month to writing about something else that I am really passionate about.

As part of that project I decided to give away a free blog setup as a way to encourage some participation. I got lots of wonderful comments and visitors sharing blog posts on Facebook and Twitter. I learned that it makes a difference when you repeatedly ask for participation on a blog. I also learned that I’ve got some fabulous, generous readers who left some very thoughtful comments, and I am grateful for their participation.

Here’s what the winner of the blog giveaway will receive:

“The grand prize is a free WordPress blog setup on your domain, a content package that includes an article, a 60 second slide show video and a three minute audio. I will also toss in a 30 minute training consultation on how to maintain your new blog.”

And now, after I gathered all of the names of those who left comments, tweeted, shared posts on Facebook and commented on my Facebook page about the blog, the winner is. . . (drum roll please!)

Lisa from Practically Intuitive

I have given her the good news, and I can’t tell you how thrilling it was for me to award a winner on the first day of the year. Watch out because I’m thinking that I am going to be doing a lot more giveaways around here.

So, congratulations to Lisa, for being our first winner. After I do her blog setup I will post a link to her cool new blog for everyone to see.

Happy New Year again, to all of my readers and followers. May your 2011 be your most fabulous year yet!

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