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If you learn how to work it effectively, Twitter can send lots of free, targeted traffic to your blog. One of the secrets is to make sure that your Twitter stream is populated by tweeps (Twitter users) who might have an interest in your blog’s topic.

So, in this post we’re going to take a quick look at some strategies for finding cool tweeps to follow with the hope that they follow you back providing you with a targeted Twitter following.

First, tweak your Twitter profile

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to use a picture of yourself rather than your brand as your Twitter avatar. People are tweeting with you as a person not your brand.

Make sure that you utilize your bio to your advantage. You’ve got 160 characters to share a bit about who you are with 100 million twitter users, and the rest of the Internet now that Tweets can show up in the search engines. Use your primary keywords, but don’t forget the human touch. If you can squeeze in some funny more’s the better if that suits your personality. Just be your authentic self and that will attract compatible people.

Include a link to your blog, and make sure that you make it easy for your visitors to re-tweet your blog posts.

Twitter is making it easy to find cool tweeps to follow

If you notice when you are on your ‘Home’ page in your Twitter profile, you’ll see a snippet of text that says, “Who to follow, and then you’ll see two little avatars of some tweeps that Twitter thinks you might want to follow based on your keywords and the kinds of people you are already following. You can click the ‘View All’ link and see a list of tweeps that twitter is suggesting you might want to follow.

Also, when you are visiting someone’s profile, you’ll see three avatars of tweeps you might also like to follow. If you don’t want to follow a particular tweep you can select ‘Hide’ and you’ll never see that one again.

Use, the Twitter yellow pages to find tweeps to follow

With over 24 million twitter profiels, is an excellent resource for searching for tweeps to follow. You can do searches on topics and keywords, geographic locations, industries, etc.

You can simply sign up for a free account and start searching for people using whatever criteria you choose. What I like is that you can click ‘follow’ right from the search page without the need to click back over to Twitter each time. This is a fast way to add lots of targeted tweeps to your twitter stream.

Follow the tweeps that the leaders in your industry or niche are following

Visit the profile of the tweeps that you admire–the movers and shakers and prominent peeps with thousands of followers. Click on ‘View All’ under the tiny thumbnails of some of the people they are following and follow some that look interesting to you.

The key to getting a good response when you send tweets is to make sure that you are tweeting to people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to say. Purposefully selecting your twitter stream is a vital step in making sure that you get the most targeted traffic from twitter to your blog.

Oh! Don’t forget to follow me, if you aren’t already: @evelynwrites. Please feel free to share your favorite tips for adding Twitter followers.

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